ZYXverse Open Graph

ZYXverse Open Graph EIP tags are a code snippet that controls how this or that attribute will look like or what characteristics and distinctive features it has.

It is part of the Zyxverse Initiative Program, which is used for gaming and other projects on the ZYX network, and allows objects to move between applications or games, and retain their characteristics.

Fields are usually located in a JSON file under a separate link, which is rigidly tied to one or another NTF.

Here are some examples:

As you can see, such a standardized format will greatly simplify future interactions and increase market penetration and integration.

We invite developers and everyone involved to take part in the creation of one format. In our opinion, it is worth separating the graphs for different modules in games:

  • the character

  • game attribute

  • immovable attribute

  • movable attribute

If we talk about examples

“Character” will allow the creators of game 2 to either find a character that is suitable for their characteristics in their game based on the parameters of nft game 1, for example, if game 1 is a strategy, and game 2 is a 1-person shooter. Or import a ready-made character from game 1 into your game, if games with one game model.

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