On June 7, 2020, the first version of the ZYX Network was launched. In fact, the project started out as a regular type of blockchain project, with its own idea and goals. The tokenomics implied a rapid growth in the number of coins and fair distribution as rewards for staking. But after 2 months, the projected financing of the project was suspended. By that time, V2.0 of the network was already developed and successfully launched, alongside many security and networking updates.

In September 2020, after numerous conversations with major coin holders, it was decided to continue the network development: technical and expansion. Maintain the coin distribution and follow the roadmap. Besides, it was concluded that the current strategy will need to be revised in 1 year.

Over the past 16 months, ZYX coins were deployed as tokens on the Ethereum and BSC networks. Alongside farming, it provided an opportunity to attract even more coins and users.

From the very beginning, we were determined to complete the work and do something big, but the attitude was as simple as an ordered work. Today we treat it like a native project that has not been abandoned. And the most valuable thing in it is the community. We are happy to interact with a huge number of interesting and positive people.

Today we are delighted to show you a description of ZYX Network V3.0. Our largest project and the one that we can be proud of today.

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