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Why is the standardization of gaming nft necessary?”

The player is the most important thing for what the games are created and who ensures the life and development of the game. Each game developer strives to create interesting mechanics, graphics, expand attributes and collections. To put it simply, the main problem for the game is a drop in interest, saturation with the game, and only loyal fans of the game remain.

The standardization of NTF attributes will allow everyone to win out in this new and wonderful market.

In many, we can observe the classic approach of building our own format. Now, if the creator of Game 2 decides to somehow simplify his life, then he has 2 approaches.

The first way is to create a relay for each collection so that the nft object in game 2 can take the previously described attributes and then the object in game 2 can understand which attributes can be used in game 2.

The second way is to offer the player to crush a new nft in game 2 if he has nft with certain attributes in game number 1.

Standardization would make life easier for everyone. And to players and game creators. And most importantly,

for the player, this would expand the possibilities for the transition to other games without substantial losses. Would increase the number of opportunities for pumping items. Would create a new market for landing / boring systems, etc.

for the creator of game 1 — the turnover of nft of game 1 would not fade away with the player’s departure to another game, and would also continue to bring royalties when reselling items in new games. Opportunities for attracting players from other games would increase. Partnerships and synergies.

For the creator of game 2, this will allow attracting new players to the free game, offering them new mechanics and associations of nft items according to their characteristics. That will increase the growth rate of users and increase the turnover of in-game items unique to game 2.

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