On October 25th the Migration Window was closed, and we’ve proceeded with checking all data submitted. This process was estimated to be finished in 72 hours. Once the information is confirmed, all balances are added to the genesis block.

All ZYX holders who migrated from ZYX V2.0 to ZYX V3.0 will receive fascinating airdrops that will be revealed within 2 weeks.

As we’ve stated before, a token contract swap was needed as well to ensure the smooth migration, and to give the correct shape to the future ZYX ecosystem, where ZYX will be the mainnet coin, and WZYX it’s derivative strictly dependable on the mainnet supply in other networks. The goal of WZYX is to become a main financial instrument that will be used in the algorithmic functions to rebalance assets through the bridge across different networks. For this purpose the WZYX token contract was deployed in Ethereum L2 arbitrum, and Binance Smart Chain Networks. Later WZYX will be deployed in Solana, NEAR, Avalanche, Polkadot ,Fantom, Polygon, Cosmos.

Liquidity for the WZYX/ETH pair will be added on L2 Arbitrum Uniswap

and WZYX/BNB on Pancakeswap.

Below you will find official links:

Uniswap Arbitrum L2 https://

Pancakeswap Binance Smart Chain https://

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