What is ZYX Network 3.0

Today we are delighted to show you a description of ZYX Network V3.0. Our largest project and the one that we can be proud of today.

ZYX Network V3.0 is an EVM-like network, with POA / POV consensus, smart contracts and other EVM networking benefits.

The ability to use solidity as the main code for all smart contracts, as well as low commissions and the ability to include more than 1,500 transactions in each block every 3 seconds, provides tremendous opportunities for developers and users.

Validators are responsible for network operation and block validation. In the version of ZYX Network V3.1, which we named Barcelona, ​​in honor of the beloved city where the ZYX Network was born and which will be launched very soon ( first as a testnet ), any user can become a validator and invite other network members to delegate coins and vote for its validator node.

In ZYX V3.0, a DAO decision-making mechanism is also planned, users with a sufficient number of coins can submit a vote and all network participants can vote and make decisions on the operation of the network.

As soon as the Barcelona testnet is verified enough, we will propose the deployment of the Tesnet to the main network through the DAO by the majority of votes. After that the network will be hard forked without migration and all the possibilities for validators will take effect already in the main network.


We are extremely happy to bring new opportunities to the ZYX community, thanks to the launch of ZYX Network V3.0. In the era of really fast changes, the crypto space was always in front, with its breathtaking speeds. We are putting all our effort to act as pioneers in this race and oversee the horizon of possibilities.

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