• The Foundations Grant & Incubator program includes support for the projects and developers;

  • Core Mainnet of ZYX Network is Minerva PoS\PoA consensus

  • Main website ZYX.Network General information regarding the project

  • Docs Technical and supporting documentation

  • Explorer ZYX Network Block Explorer

  • Case Protocol Infrastructure products dynamically scaled with your application to meet the demands of your users

  • ZYXSwap A DEX with advanced security from the sandwich and front run bots. Hidden mempool will give the possibility to send transactions directly to validators, without revealing the data in MEV. Another strong point is 0% slippage to avoid transaction failures. Alongside DEX, ZYXSwap will possess a Launchpad with anti-rug system, where the contract deployer address will have 48 hours delay from sending a transaction to unstake the liquidity until the execution.

  • Pandorum Cross-chain bridge with DAO governance. DAO will decide the number of applicable commissions to use the bridge.

  • Primarily available traces: Ethereum — ZYX — Ethereum Binance Smart Chain — ZYX — Binance Smart Chain To be added: Solana — ZYX — Solana NEAR — ZYX — NEAR Avalanche — ZYX — Avalanche Polkadot — ZYX — Polkadot Fantom — ZYX — Fantom Polygon — ZYX — Polygon Cosmos — ZYX — Cosmos

Apart from native developments, ZYX Ecosystem will consist of several projects already from the beginning thanks to our prior work of attracting developers and teams to deploy on ZYX Minerva. The pioneers of the ecosystem will be:

  • #### NFT marketplace and launchpad

  • #### Launchpad incubator with team and liquidity lock mechanisms

  • #### DeFi yield aggregator

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